“Behind-the-Scenes with Selena Gomez: Playful Hair Moments from Boyfriend Music Video Shoot”

Selena Gomez shared a glimpse of her behind-the-scenes Boyfriend music video shoot by playing with her beautiful hair in a recent photo. The talented actress and singer, who has dated major celebrities like Justin Bieber and The Weeknd in the past, had everyone talking when she transformed men into frogs in the music video released last week. In the new Instagram photo she posted on Thursday, Selena looked stunning while posing for a selfie in what seemed to be her dressing room. She sported a pouty look and flaunted her gorgeous locks.

Selena Gomez is looking absolutely stunning in a recent behind-the-scenes photo from her Boyfriend music video, where she can be seen twirling her gorgeous hair. The snap showcases Selena dressed in the same attire as seen in the video, where she goes on a date and transforms her partner into a frog by secretly spiking their drink. The transformation results in the date turning green and shrinking into a little frog. In the video, Selena keeps a cage full of these little creatures but eventually releases them to freedom.

In her latest music video, the 27-year-old singer, who has previously dated Justin Bieber and The Weeknd, caused a stir by transforming men into frogs. Some viewers interpreted this as a playful jab at her famous exes. However, in a recent post on her Insta Stories, she shared her lockdown playlist, which included The Weeknd’s song Snowchild. Interestingly, The Weeknd’s music video for Heartless features him licking a frog and subsequently turning into one.

Hey there, beautiful! Selena Gomez shared a selfie of herself in costume, featuring the dress she wore in her music video where she turns her date into a frog. The song Boyfriend is included in the new deluxe edition of her latest album Rare, which was released in April during the coronavirus lockdowns. The original version of Rare, her third solo studio album, did not include Boyfriend and was released in January. Selena also announced on Instagram that she’s donating to the Plus 1 COVID Relief Fund and $1 from every order in her official store will go towards the fund. She clarified that Boyfriend was written before the pandemic and her focus is on safety, unity, and recovery for everyone. Although it’s a lighthearted song about love, having a boyfriend is not a priority for Selena right now. She, like the rest of the world, is praying for everyone’s well-being during this difficult time.

Oh dear: She accomplishes this change by spiking her dates’ beverages with a sedative, resulting in their speedy transformation into small, green creatures.

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