“Couples Getaway: Exploring the Romance of Paris with Jennifer Lopez and Affleck”

Over the past weekend, the celebrity couple of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck surprised everyone by getting hitched in an unexpected ceremony held in Las Vegas. Currently on their honeymoon in Paris, they were spotted exchanging a passionate kiss at Élysée Palace, revealing their newlywed bliss. During their romantic trip, the two couldn’t resist each other’s company as they cuddled up on a park bench, enjoying some warm sunshine while sharing some tender kisses. The night before, they savored a cozy starlit dinner together, further fueling their love for one another.

Romantic: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck did not shy away from showing their affections for each other as they locked lips in a steamy smooch at Élysée Palace during their romantic Paris honeymoon on Friday

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are clearly in love as they shared a romantic kiss during their honeymoon in Paris. The couple didn’t hold back on showing their affection, and a photo of their passionate embrace was taken at Élysée Palace.

Paparazzo! Ben also proved himself to be every inch the doting husband as he was seen snapping glamorous pictures of Jennifer during their outing in the French capital

The paparazzi were on high alert when Ben and Jennifer visited Paris. Ben proved his love for her by capturing some breathtaking photographs of her during their trip. He acted as a caring and devoted husband throughout their romantic journey in the beautiful city of love.

Capturing the moment: Jennifer's new husband was also seen leaning back to snap photographs of her grinning as they held hands in a park

Grabbing the opportunity: A newlywed couple was recently seen in a park, where the husband was clicking pictures of his wife with a big grin on their faces. Ben revealed his romantic side by taking some stunning shots of Jennifer while they were exploring Paris. She looked stunning in her floral dress and her hubby captured her charm by leaning back and clicking some pictures of her. This is a popular trend nowadays!

During a recent outing, Whitney Port was seen flaunting her slimmer figure in a tight orange dress. Jennifer Lopez, on the other hand, chose an elegant white sundress by Oscar de la Renta that was decorated with orange and yellow flowers. She completed her look with white TKEES Pigment sandals and a striking red handbag, exuding an effortless charm and beauty.

Steamy: The singer, 52, and the actor, 49, couldn't keep their hands off each other as they shared kisses and cuddled up to each other while soaking up the sun on a park bench

The singer, who is 52 years old, and the actor, who is 49 years old, were spotted on a park bench enjoying the sun’s warmth. They couldn’t resist each other and indulged in a passionate embrace, exchanging kisses and cuddles. It was a sizzling moment between the two.

Packing on the PDA: The couple locked in a close embrace as they spent quality time together while celebrate their recent wedding

Snuggling Up in the Open: The just-married couple wrapped their arms around each other, relishing the moment and celebrating their union out in the open.

Stylish: For their romantic day out, Jennifer, also known as JLo, looked effortlessly glamorous in a £2,145 white Oscar de la Renta sundress embellished with yellow and orange floral patterns

Chic: She completed her summery ensemble with a pair of brown strapped sandals and kept her essentials in a bright red handbag as she explored the city

Stylish: During her recent date, Jennifer Lopez (also known as JLo) looked absolutely gorgeous in a breathtaking white sundress designed by Oscar de la Renta. This stunning piece of fashion carries a price tag of £2,145 and showcases intricate floral patterns in vibrant shades of yellow and orange, adding a touch of effortless elegance to her look.

Locking lips: The couple shared yet another smooch as they sat on a bench during their honeymoon

As the couple enjoyed their honeymoon, they took a moment to share a tender kiss while seated on a bench. Their love was evident in their affectionate embrace.

Holding hands: The Jenny From The Block hitmaker accentuated her striking features with a glamorous make-up palette, including a touch of lipstick and lashings of mascara

As they clasped their hands together, the well-known vocalist, recognized for her chart-topping track “Jenny From The Block,” took steps to accentuate her impressive facial features with some fabulously alluring makeup. She gave a splash of liveliness to her lips and layered on a generous amount of mascara to her eyelashes.

Doting: Ben proved his dedication to capturing the perfect picture of Jennifer

Say cheese! Ben was keen to document the day

Ben was equipped with his trusty camera and had a mission to capture the perfect photo of Jennifer. He approached the task with great care, taking into account every element of the shot, from the composition to the lighting and angles. After much effort and dedication, Ben was able to produce a remarkable snapshot that Jennifer would forever treasure. His passion for photography was clear in his hard work, and Jennifer couldn’t help but beam with gratitude at the stunning result.

All smiles: Jennifer flashed a huge grin as Ben was keen on taking photographs with her to make memories during the honeymoon

During their honeymoon, Jennifer and Ben appeared to be enjoying themselves as they created lasting memories. Jennifer looked absolutely stunning with her striking features highlighted by her glamorous makeup, which included a bold pop of lipstick and mascara. Her elegant up-do hairstyle showcased her golden locks beautifully, with loose strands framing her face perfectly. She even carried a pair of white flip-flops for when her feet needed a break from heels. Ben looked sharp in his navy trousers and powder blue shirt, which he paired with white trainers for a stylish yet comfortable look. The whole family was there too, as Seraphina and Emme joined in on the fun, making the trip a delightful family affair.

Content: Jennifer appeared to be in excellent spirits as she closed her eyes and smiled while locking fingers with her husband

With a big smile on her face, Jennifer closed her eyes and held hands with her partner, feeling very happy and content.

Romantic: She styled her golden tresses in an elegant up-do with loose strands effortlessly framing her face, while she also carried a pair of white flip-flops with her

Cosy: The couple put on a very intimate display as they continued their honeymoon

Beautiful: Her hair, which was blonde, had been styled into an elegant bun, with a few strands left loose to complement the contours of her face. Along with this, she was carrying a pair of white flip-flops.

Showing their affections: Jennifer and Ben lovingly cuddled-up to each other

Sweet: They looked smitten as they relaxed on a bench

Cosy: Ben put his arm around Jennifer

Jennifer and Ben showed their affection for one another by sitting cozily on a bench with a laid-back vibe.

Picture of happiness: Jennifer and Ben appeared to be enjoying their life as newlyweds in Paris

Relaxing: They soaked up the sun on their Paris honeymoon

Jennifer and Ben’s faces were lit up with pure happiness as they embraced their new life as husband and wife in the stunning city of Paris. They shared an infectious smile that showed just how happy they were to be starting this new chapter together. The photo exuded a sense of warmth and contentment, a true reflection of the joy that comes with being with the one you love in such a picturesque setting.

Jovial spirits: Jennifer flashed a huge grin as she put on a glamorous display in her vibrant ensemble

Jennifer’s radiant smile brightened up her cheerful mood when she proudly showed off her vibrant attire with confidence.

Cuddling: The pair appeared to be content in each other's company during the outing

Kicking back: They relaxed on their honeymoon as they took time away from their kids

Cuddling up: During their adventure, the pair appeared comfortable with one another’s company as they snuggled together.

Rings: Ben gave a flash of his silver wedding band as he walked with his arm wrapped around Jennifer

While walking with Jennifer, Ben’s wedding ring shone brightly in the sun, briefly catching the eye of a passerby.

Snug: Ben and Jennifer enjoyed some quality time together

Just the two of us! They spent some time alone as they have been joined on the honeymoon by their kids

Ben and Jennifer are currently relishing their honeymoon, basking in the glory of love. However, they have also included their children in the sojourn to experience some precious family moments together.

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