Everything You Need to Know About Jennifer Lopez’s Skincare Routine

This is exactly how the triple-threat maintains her highly sought-after ‘JLo glow’


JJennifer Lopez's skincare routineInstagram/@jlo

Few people have skin as fabulous as Jennifer Lopez. Her glowy, wrinkle-free complexion has been a source of marvel to the world for decades—inspiring fans to flock to Google for the answer to her picture-perfect bare face. It’s thorough and meticulous, but it’s doable.

“People always ask about my skin,” Lopez told Today’s Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford during a segment in 2014. “I have to say, I have good genes. My mom and my grandma had beautiful skin, so I was blessed in that way. I haven’t had any plastic surgery…or injectables or fillers or anything like that.”

In December 2020, the 51-year-old Bronx native answered the prayers of those searching for Lopez’s skincare routine by launching JLo Beauty: a core line of products like SPF, eye cream, and serum (available now) to help you achieve Lopez’s radiance, which has been coined “the JLo glow.” 

Jennifer Lopez's skincare routine

But besides using her line religiously, what else does the Hustlers star do to achieve natural perfection? Keep reading for everything we know about Lopez’s skincare routine by way of a compilation of interviews over the years.

Jennifer Lopez wears SPF every single day

Sunscreen is easy to write off for being uncomfortable or tedious, but the fact of the matter is that everyone with great skin swears by it, Lopez included. It’s just about finding the right formula for you, whether that’s a high-end formula that melts into your skin or moisture infused with UV protection.

“I’ve never been one to take a lot of sun, which is why my skin has maintained itself,” she told Us Weekly for the outlet’s January 2018 issue. That said, however, the beauty icon doesn’t always shy away from sunlight. “I like sunbathing like everybody else when I go on vacation,” she told POPSUGAR Beauty in December 2020. “It’s not something I over-abuse, but that’s why a big part [of JLo Beauty] was the sunscreen.”

“A dermatologist told me at a very young age to use sunscreen, and I was like, ‘What do I need sunscreen for? I live in New York.’ But the truth is, that was a big part of why I was able to stay youthful-looking because I used it as my moisturizer every single day. It helped me protect myself from the elements, and enough people don’t understand that such a big part of staying youthful looking is using sunscreen every day.”

Jennifer Lopez's skincare routineInstagram/@jlo

Jennifer Lopez swears by this skincare ingredient

Interestingly, the performer’s desert island skincare ingredient is a kitchen staple: olive oil. “My mom used to say that olive oil was the cure-all for everything,” Lopez revealed in a statement shared with GRAZIA USA. “And it’s a secret I’ve used over the years because it really does work.”

Now, it’s an irreplaceable part of Lopez’s skincare routine. “Whenever my hair, skin, or nails were dry, I’d go back to olive oil,” she said in a Zoom meeting with beauty editors, explaining that’s precisely the reason why her skincare line’s hero ingredient that contributes to the line’s JLo Beauty Olive Complex: a four-part blend comprised of squalane, fermented olive oil, extra-virgin olive oil, and olive leaf extract.

Jennifer Lopez always washes her face after working out

The actress works out a casual five times a week, so naturally, she’s no stranger to getting sweaty…often. “I always, always wash my face after a workout,” she told Hello! in 2016. “That helps keep my pores clean, and my skin feeling healthy.”

Jennifer Lopez's skincare routineInstagram/@jlo

Jennifer Lopez never sleeps in her makeup 

No matter how much the Selena alum wants to call it a day and head to bed, she never abandons her nightly cleansing routine. “I never go to bed without taking my makeup off, [and I use] night creams to keep my skin hydrated,” Lopez told People in 2016.

And we should all be taking notes from Lopez when it comes to her consistent sleeping schedule. “Ideally, I would love to get nine or 10 hours of sleep, Lopez told InStyle in 2016. “But either way, I always make sure I get at least eight.”

Jennifer Lopez's skincare routineInstagram/@jlo

Jennifer Lopez takes care of her body

Lopez’s skincare routine is clearly solid, but she’s also careful about how she fuels her body from the inside out. “I don’t drink or smoke or have caffeine,” she told Us Weekly in 2016. “That really wrecks your skin as you get older.” What doesn’t harm skin? Greens and H2O, both of which Lopez has lots of. “We eat a lot of green vegetables, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and kale,” she told the outlet. And instead of wine, she has at least seven glasses of water a day

In May 2020, her chef, Kelvin Fernandez revealed that Lopez loves to start her day with green juice. She’s not a big fan of fruit, but she will drink a concoction comprised of “greens like spinach, cucumber, and celery.”

Jennifer Lopez's skincare routineInstagram/@arod

Jennifer Lopez keeps it casual on off-days

When Lopez isn’t getting all glammed up by makeup artist Mary Phillips and hairstylist Chris Appleton, she’s probably keeping it casual and simple. “I am pretty low-key when it comes to my day-to-day beauty routine. I have to wear a lot of makeup for work, so when I am not working, I tend to wear little to no makeup,” the “Jenny From the Block” hitmaker told InStyle in 2018.

Jennifer Lopez's skincare routineInstagram/@lacarba

Jennifer Lopez occasionally indulges in a treatment

No, not Botox or filler, but a facial to give her skin a little extra TLC outside of Lopez’s skincare routine. Before performing at the Super Bowl halftime show in 2020, celebrity aesthetician Toska Husted gave her a facial using Biologique Recherche products. She’s also reportedly no stranger to getting Dr. Lancer’s Signature Placenta Facial, an anti-aging treatment that “promotes collagen and elastin production.”


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