From Glowing Skin to Perfectly Manicured Nails: The Secrets Behind Jennifer Lopez’s Flawless Beauty

Discover Jennifer Lopez’s secret to looking incredibly amazing at 54, from her flawless skin to her impeccable nails.

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At the age of 54, Jennifer Lopez is looking better than ever. Her flawless body, stunning face, hair, and skin seem almost divinely sculpted. Along with good genetics, Lopez’s beauty and wellness routine includes treatments and experts that contribute to her glowing appearance. Vogue delves into the skincare regimen and professionals she entrusts with her overall well-being.

When it comes to caring for her skin, Lopez uses products from J Lo Beauty, such as sheet masks and gel cleansers. Additionally, she indulges in facials by Toska Husted, a renowned expert based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Husted, who has worked with celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Aniston, incorporates various techniques like facial massage, light therapy, and microcurrent treatments, along with Biologique Recherche skincare products. Lopez even paid Husted a visit just a week before her performance at the 2020 Super Bowl.

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Biologique Recherche Elastine Serum Authentique

The brows
Behind the eyebrows of many of the world’s most famous women is Anastasia Soare, founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills. Queen of the Hollywood power brow, Soare believes that a professionally-shaped eyebrow can do more for the face than many injectable treatments. “A well-shaped eyebrow is like a mini facelift because it lifts your features—there is no question about it,” she previously told
. “All of the other injectable treatments are good, but eyebrows are the most important.”

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Elastine Serum Authentique by Biologique Recherche is available for $76 at RESCUE SPA.

The significance of eyebrows
Anastasia Soare, the genius behind the eyebrows of numerous famous women worldwide, is also the mastermind behind Anastasia Beverly Hills. Known as the queen of the Hollywood power brow, Soare strongly believes that a professionally shaped eyebrow can have a more transformative effect on one’s face than many injectable treatments. She once shared with
that a well-shaped eyebrow acts like a subtle facelift by lifting your features – a statement she firmly stands by. According to Soare, while injectable treatments have their merits, eyebrows play the vital role in enhancing one’s overall appearance.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel is priced at $22 and is available at SEPHORA. This product is designed to keep your eyebrows in place throughout the day.


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The iconic, full-bodied hair that Lopez effortlessly flaunts? Renowned British stylist Chris Appleton is often the mastermind behind it, creating numerous stunning looks for her golden-hued locks. Whether it’s a classic high ponytail or cascading waves, Appleton is the reigning expert in crafting breathtaking hairstyles.

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Color Wow Pop + Lock serum is a must-have for controlling frizzy hair and adding a glossy finish. With a price tag of $20, it’s available at SEPHORA.

Just like many celebrities, Jennifer Lopez collaborates with a variety of makeup artists, but Mary Phillips is her trusted go-to for creating her iconic bronze goddess appearance. Together, they craft stunning looks featuring fluttery lashes, soft taupe eyes, glossy lips, and bold brows that are perfect for the spotlight.

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When it comes to her toned physique, Jennifer Lopez has every body part in perfect shape. Her personal trainer, Tracy Anderson, helps her achieve her incredible fitness level. Anderson’s method focuses on working the smaller muscles in the body to create definition and strength. Lopez believes that exercising is as essential for the body as sleeping and eating well. It’s all about connecting with yourself through movement.

In addition to her intense workouts, Lopez also relies on the EMSculpt Butt Lift treatment to maintain her sculpted behind. This non-invasive procedure uses electromagnetic technology to lift, firm, strengthen, and tone the muscles. Dr. Tracy Mountford, the founder of The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, where the treatment is available, describes it as the equivalent of doing 20,000 squats in one session. Lopez isn’t the only one who benefits from this treatment; it can also be used on the abdominal area.

JLo Beauty Firm + Flaunt Targeted Booty Balm is available at SEPHORA for $65. Enhance your beauty routine with this amazing product designed specifically for firming and flaunting your booty.

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Image: Thanks to Tom Bachik / @tombachik


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