From Head To Toe, The Beauty And Fitness Routine Jennifer Aniston Follows To Look That Luminous

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Jennifer Aniston: how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. Whether it’s her trademark cut and color (an evolution of the “Rachel”, which recently had a renaissance), or that year-round golden tan, she is–and always has been–beauty goals. As she turns 55 today, Vogue delves into the actor’s beauty and wellness routines, to understand just what’s behind that healthy California-girl look.

The skin

Having acknowledged that water, SPF and lots of sleep are truly key to healthy skin as you get older, Aniston is also no stranger to home face tools and treatments. Her go-to sheet masks are by 111Skin (she has posted about the Rose Gold Illuminating Eye Mask, a Vogue favorite), and she’s also a devotee of Jillian Dempsey’s 24-carat gold-plated Beauty Wand, which vibrates to sculpt and depuff the face. Taking a collagen supplement [she works with Vital Proteins], is also a big part of her everyday routine, to nourish her “wellness from within.”


Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask


Rose Gold Illuminating Eye Mask

Jillian Dempsey

Gold Sculpting Bar

Vital Proteins

Collagen Peptides Advanced with Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin C

Aniston visits Melanie Simon and Joanna Czech for facial treatments. Simon’s facials harness the powers of nano and pico electrical currents, to prompt skin cells to initiate “repair and restore” mode for plumper, healthier skin–she also uses Simon’s ZIIP nanoncurrent face tool at home. Meanwhile, Czech is big on massage–in a previous interview with British Vogue she said: “it’s all about treating the facial muscles like dough – digging into the muscle and grasping it.”

The hair

Two men have been ever present in Aniston’s professional life–from the days of the “Rachel” to now–her hairstylist, Chris McMillan, and colorist Michael Canalé. McMillan is the man behind that infamous hairstyle some 28 years ago, and he still cuts and styles her hair now. Likewise, Canalé still works his honey-caramel, sun-kissed magic on the actor’s famous mane to this day.


Intensive Repair Treatment


Restorative Shampoo

The brows

Like so many fellow A-listers, Jennifer Lopez included, Aniston sees the queen of the Hollywood power brow, Anastasia Soare, founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills, to keep her arches in check. In an interview with Vogue, Soare previously likened the effects of her treatments to a “mini facelift”.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Brow Freeze Gel

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Brow Wiz

The make-up

The woman behind Aniston’s luminous makeup is Angela Levin, whose signature is natural glam. Levin also works with everyone from Michelle Williams and Reese Witherspoon to Glenn Close.

The body

Like anyone else who remains so lean, lithe and toned in their fifties, Aniston works hard to achieve that body. The good news is that she enjoys exercise, and has previously said she feels “really beautiful” post workout, “because I’ve taken care of my body, my endorphins are going, my blood is pumping. I’m taking care of the one body I have.” To that end, she mixes it up with boxing, yoga and cardio, which she does for at least 20 minutes each day, and keeps a treadmill, and spin and elliptical bikes at home. She finishes her workouts with an infrared sauna.

Her trainer, Leyon Azubuike, founder of the US boxing gym Gloveworx, also puts her through her paces. Their sessions start with a 15 minute yoga warm-up and incorporate everything from skipping rope to jumping jacks and lots of core work – yep, those defined abs are courtesy of lots of planking.

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