Gal Gadot On Beauty and Being A Gucci Spokesperson


‘Getting cast as Wonder Woman was bigger than life. I never, in my wildest dreams, thought I would get such an incredible role. But I also feel the responsibility—people have a lot of expectations for the role and I’m very grateful to be the one who’s going to bring her back to life. When I was younger, I didn’t have a specific, iconic role model. I was very active—my mom is a gymnastics teacher and I was a dancer for twelve years and played basketball, tennis, volleyball…you name it. Looking at photos from when I was younger, I never wore skirts or dresses and I always had bruises on my knees. I loved Tomb Raider when I was a little girl.

Now I’ve found balance—I’m a grown-up and need to look like a woman, too. I’m not afraid of a strong perfume or makeup look. Sometimes less is more, but if it flatters me I’ll go for it. I wear mascara and bronzer every day. The bronzer I use is Gucci Golden Glow. Then I use a little rouge—I like the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush. I go for more red colors, but it looks very natural. During the night, I use lipstick. I wear red or burgundy. I really like bold lips.

When I get my makeup done now, I’m more involved, just because I have more knowledge about what flatters me and what doesn’t. I’ve got to do contouring because I have a wide face. I’ve got to have mascara—like the fluffy, thicker ones. Right now, I wear an Israeli one called Careline La Diva, and it’s really like, bam. It works.

Growing up in Israel, I always wore sunblock because it’s so hot in the sun—you’re always aware of it. Now I do SPF separate from my moisturizer and use a lot of different brands. Other than that, it’s very simple to care for my skin. It’s drinking lots of water and making sure I moisturize my face. I think my mom got me my first cream when I was 18 and I’ve been using Crème de la Mer for forever. Before I go to bed, I take off all my makeup with La Mer Cleansing Oil and moisturize my face again.

I don’t really take care of my hair as much as I take care of my face…poor hair. But I use Kerastase Nutritive Masqueintense, which is like a treatment. To style my hair, I have wonderful people to work with. By myself, I’m very plain—I wear it up. But if I want to have it down and pretty with lots of volume, I’ll work with someone.

I’m that woman who walks into a room and everyone can smell her. I put on enough perfume that it stays. I’m the face of Gucci Bamboo now. The thing was, before I shot the campaign, I wanted to know— what’s the statement here, what are we shooting? So I nagged them and finally they brought me the perfume. I was so happy and thrilled that it was something I would totally wear. Fragrance is the very first impression we make on people. Even before we introduce ourselves to one another, we smell each other. It’s a subconscious thing and, for me, it’s very important.”

—as told to ITG

Gal Gadot photographed by Tom Newton on July 14, 2015 in New York.

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