Gal Gadot Says She ‘Would Never Be Where I Am Without’ Husband Jaron Varsano

The ‘Wonder Woman’ actress revealed in a new interview that her husband “was the one to give me the courage” to pursue acting

Photo: Steve Granitz/FilmMagic

Gal Gadot is crediting her husband Jaron Varsano for where she is today.

In an interview with Flaunt magazine, published on Thursday, the Wonder Woman actress, 38, revealed that when it came to acting, her husband Varsano, 48, “was the one to give me the courage to do it.”

Varsano — who co-produced Gadot’s new Netflix movie Heart of Stone alongside his wife with their production company Pilot Wave — met Gadot long before she rose to fame. The pair wed in 2008 and share three daughters.

“He was the one to give me the courage to do it, to travel with me,” Gadot — who was originally a dancer — told Flaunt. “He’s the dreamer — he’s the kite that will reach out to the sky whereas I’m the root, the tree that the kite is connected to.” 

Steve Granitz/FilmMagic

“I would never be where I am without him,” she added. “When success arrived, my parents — well, they never imagined [it could be like] this. So now they’re my number one fans and they’re very supportive — but it took them a bit.”

The actress — who shares daughters Alma, 11, Maya, 6, and Daniella, 2, with Varsano — also opened up about being a working mother of three children.“Having three children is messy and chaotic in the best way possible,” she said, adding, “If you’re at work, you want to be home. Then, when you’re at home with the kids, you worry you’re not working enough. It can be a vicious cycle—but you have to mute those feelings,” she continued.

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“What helps me is [accepting] that I can’t be a perfectionist. I told myself that I can only do my best and that I’m being the best mother I can be,” Gadot told the outlet. “On the other side of that, as long as I’m fulfilling myself and continuing to do what I love and not just giving up on it, then it also services them because they see a mother who is happier, who has interest in her life — and then you’re modeling that to them as well.”

In an August issue of PEOPLE, Gadot (who spoke to PEOPLE in June, prior to the ongoing actors’ strike) talked about working with Varsano on Heart of Stone and said that the secret to a harmonious collaboration with her husband is to “put the egos aside.”

“I think our biggest thing is once we agreed to disagree, it kind of took all the tension away because he has his own point of view, I have my own, and it’s okay if we don’t think the same,” she said.

She also praised her husband by noting that the best part of working together is that “he’s so much better in the areas that I’m not strong in. And also, who’s going to take care of my interests better than my partner?”

The actress, who stars as an intelligence agent in the movie, also told PEOPLE that she bonded with her Heart of Stone co-star Jamie Dornan on being “girl parents.” Dornan, 41, also has three daughters Dulcie, 9, Elva, 7, and Alberta, 4, with his wife Amelia Warner, 41.

Despite the actors never having met before filming the spy thriller, they became fast friends due to their similarities. Gadot revealed that the pair “kind of hit it right from the get-go.”

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