Gal Gadot’s facialist shares her secrets to gorgeous glowing skin

Glowing skin

Celebrity facialist Keren Bartov attracts clients from all over the world, including actors like Gal Gadot and Isla Fisher, as well as model Bar Refaeli, Israel’s most in-demand skin expert, has spent over 17 years fine-tuning her treatment methods, which encompass over 50 medical technologies and can be adapted specifically to suit your individual skincare needs.

“I believe that tailor-made advanced treatments, using the latest medical technology combined with traditional skincare techniques and practices, are the key to unlocking your best skin,” she says. “By carefully assessing the unique needs of each client, and their lifestyle as well as their skin type, texture, skin issues, and medical history, I am able to create a customised treatment and maintenance plan that addresses specific concerns, while enhancing natural beauty.”

A treatment with Keren begins with a consultation and medical questionnaire, after which she and her team will devise a customised treatment plan, which might include anything from ultrasound therapy and IPL to laser and radiofrequency. To accompany this, she will also create an at-home skincare plan using her own line of specially formulated skincare products. “There is no one-size-fits-all approach in my clinic.”

Below, the celebrity facialist who is trusted by stars like Gal Gadot shares her ultimate skincare dos and don’ts.

Wash your face properly

The cleansing step is the most important in any skincare routine as it removes all dirt and oil, but it will also aid the absorption of your skincare products. A double cleanse with gentle products followed by micellar water applied to the skin via cotton pads will ensure your skin is thoroughly clean without stressing it.

Don’t take risks with acids

Acids can be a powerful tool when trying to achieve healthy, clear and glowing skin. But it’s important for your skin’s short-term and long-term health that you use acids in the right concentration and formulation for your skin type. Unfortunately, I see many clients who have used the highest percentage of acids they can find on their skin and damaged it. It’s not worth the risk. A skin diagnosis by an expert will match you with the right acid at the right concentration. You can always build up to higher concentrations over time, but start smart and safe.

Stop touching your face

Make a conscious effort to avoid touching your face throughout the day. This can be challenging, but as our hands are constantly in contact with germs and pollution, we risk causing skin issues if we keep touching our skin. It can also aggravate existing conditions like eczema and spread oil and dirt, which can clog the pores and cause breakouts.

Tune out the trends

I see too many women – and men – in my clinic who have used skincare products that are super strong and have caused further issues like inflammation and rosacea. See a skin expert and ask them to prescribe the right products for you, your skin type and lifestyle. It’s the smartest thing you can do.

Never go out without SPF

Use it all year round; make it a habit that you never break. In the warmer months, reapply every two hours, or every hour if you’re under direct sun on the beach or poolside. Opt for broad spectrum, and make sure you always use a separate SPF, because the SPF in your daily moisturiser or foundation won’t give enough protection from UVA and UVB rays.

Balance bespoke treatments with at-home skincare

With bespoke treatments plus a consistent at-home skincare routine using active-based products, you really can make your skin glow. Clinical studies tell us that 70 per cent of skin results come from using active skincare ingredients at home, and 30 per cent from treatments using clinically proven medical devices. I have more than 50 of the best medical skincare devices and technologies in the world in my clinic, and I can use up to five of them in one treatment. I see incredible skin transformations every single day.

Go easy on retinol

Retinol is a very strong anti-ageing ingredient, and while it can give amazing results, it’s not suitable to every skin type. It’s a very strong acid that might make skin red, inflamed and irritated if not used in the right concentration for you. I see many clients who have overdone the retinol, putting their skin’s health at risk long-term. I prefer using lighter kinds of acids that do amazing work without causing almost any sensitivity.

Invest in a good vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the best things you can put on your face. It has a multitude of benefits – from evening out your skin tone to brightening your complexion and minimising the visibility of scarring. I’m a huge fan.

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