“J.Lo’s Bold Fashion Choice: Tailored Thong Peeks Out of Drop-Waist Trousers in Latest Music Video Shoot”

For a while now, Jennifer Lopez has been recognized as a trendsetter in fashion. However, during the shooting of her latest music video, the 49-year-old artist seemed to have made an unusual fashion choice, which is rare for her.

Jennifer Lopez, the popular artist of the song “Jenny From The Block”, was seen wearing drop-waist trousers paired with a custom-made thong that was visible from the top. However, the outfit seemed to be an unusual choice for the 49-year-old singer as it appeared to be a rare fashion mistake on the set of her new music video. Nevertheless, JLo managed to rock the look effortlessly.

It seemed that the actress from Out Of Sight was wearing a pair of scanty gray undergarments that matched her pants. The undergarments were even more noticeable because she paired them with a white crop top. To complete her look, she adorned herself with multiple gold and silver chains on her neck and wrists.

The ex-dancer who once appeared as a backup wore her blond straight hair in a center part that looked natural. Take a look! The singer of “Jenny From The Block” paired her trousers with a custom thong that was visible from the top of her drop-waist pants. Displaying her rear end: Her tiny gray undergarments seemed to be made of the same fabric as her trousers.

The actress from Out of Sight was seen sporting a white crop top that made her underwear even more noticeable. It is speculated that the video shoot is for her upcoming single, Limitless, which she performed at the American Music Awards recently.

J-Lo’s latest movie, Second Act, features a song that also goes by the same name. Vanessa Hudgens is also part of the cast.

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