J.Lo’s Soulful Rendition of ‘This is Your Land’ Steals the Show at Inauguration Day

Lopez is now the preferred performer at events that are watched nationwide.

On Wednesday, Jennifer Lopez made history by performing at President Joe Biden’s inauguration. She wore an all-white attire and was accompanied by members of the United States Marine Band. During her performance, J.Lo sang iconic songs such as “This Land Is Your Land” and “America the Beautiful.” She started her performance slowly and gradually increased the tempo as she transitioned into “America the Beautiful.”

After her performance, she proceeded to recite the American pledge of allegiance in Spanish, emphasizing the country’s unity under God, freedom, and justice for all. She then sang “Let’s Get Loud” before concluding with the heartfelt line “This land was made for you and me.” She ended her act by blowing a kiss to the audience and exchanging words with Vice President Kamala Harris before leaving the stage.

Lopez is no stranger to high-profile events, having previously performed at the Super Bowl halftime show and in Times Square on New Year’s Eve. Her fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, mentioned that she was nervous about the inauguration, particularly about the responsibility of bringing people together and inspiring them. He emphasized that music and sports have the power to achieve this better than anything else.

Lopez’s entrance into Washington D.C. was almost as anticipated as Harris and Biden’s. During the inauguration, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend were in attendance and caught sight of Lopez and Rodrigues. In a short video captured by Teigen, she can be heard exclaiming “Breaking news! It’s J.Lo and A-Rod” as they strolled down the street. This information was sourced from NBC News.

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