Jennifer Aniston’s Gorgeous Tresses and Star Worthy Style!

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It’s no secret that we love Jennifer Aniston’s laid back girl style and her tresses as well, so we decided to dedicate a post to her hairstyle and amazing everyday style as well! In August of 2009 Elle dished via an article titled Jennifer Aniston’s Hair Secrets and told us all about what she uses to make her hair look fabulous every single day. We have no idea what products Jenn uses today in 2012, but it always looks as fabulous as ever so we’re guessing she uses very similar products if not the same ones!

Here’s a section out of the article that dishes on what hair products Jenn uses, according to Chris McMillan, the star’s friend and hair stylist:

What shampoo and conditioner does she use? 

jennifer aniston hairstyles“She loves having her hair shampooed fresh and clean. She shampoos and conditions pretty much every day—if she’s going for the day-old-hair look, she prefers to create it using products. The shampoo and conditioner she’s using right now are my shampoo and conditioner. I used her and Courteney Cox as my guinea pigs. Jennifer uses the products every day. She also loves deep conditioners—I’ll do professional treatments at my salon using Shu Uemura products.”

Jenn loves natural curl and she also looks fantastic with either longer locks or shorter locks! Not too long ago Jenn cut off her locks and we loved her new style. It certainly flatters her face and she looks great with the new look. She’s great at pulling  off a variety of hairstyles and we think she’s fabulous showing off every single look!

Jenn also always looks beautiful no matter what she is wearing as well. Dressed up or dressed down, Jenn is often seen in a variety of staples, from an elegant dress to a pair of jeans and a classy tee. She sticks with the basic colors (like black, white, and blue) and usually is seen in pencil skirts, jeans, tee shirts, blazers, wedges, minimal jewelry accessories, and she loves her scarves.

How does Jennifer Aniston stay fit and lovely? She works out! “I work out almost every day, at least five or six days a week,” she says in In Style’s February 2012 issue. “I do 40 minutes of cardio: spinning, running, the elliptical, or a combination of all three.” Aniston also dished that she does one day of  Pilates per week, and yoga three days a week. She likes to mix up her routine so that she has a great variety of cardio and strength training. Plus, it’s not all about her workout schedule, she eats a ton of fish and other healthy foods to stay fit and thin as well!

Recently Jennifer also got engaged to Justin Theroux and we couldn’t be happier for her! With her  past relationship with Brad being over for what seems like a century, we’ve been rooting for her all along. So now that she’s finally found a guy that’s right for her, we have no doubt that she will continue to succeed in all that she does. She also will continue to inspire us with her tresses and beautiful style, both inside and out!

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