Jennifer Lopez earned nearly $2 million in 40 minutes

(CLO) Multi-talented girl Jennifer Lopez receives a huge amount of money from private performances, about nearly 2 million USD for each performance.

According to TheThings, Jennifer Lopez is said to have earned $1.75 million in 40 minutes at a birthday party in Macau, China. The salary is said to be commensurate with an A-list artist like Jennifer Lopez.

However, that is also part of Jennifer’s “huge” contracts that fans know about or in a show where she is paid to appear.

For example, Jennifer Lopez was surprised when she was paid up to 1.5 million USD just to perform 3 songs at an event organized by China National Petroleum Corporation.

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Jennifer Lopez is still very popular despite her age – Photo: Getty

Another time, Jennifer Lopez received $1.2 million for performing at the party of Russian billionaire Andrei Melnichenko. Furthermore, the Russian billionaire also spent $800,000 for Jennifer Lopez and her team to travel to the performance venue in London (UK).

At this time, Jennifer Lopez is actively working at the age of 53, releasing a series of music products and participating in film projects in Hollywood. In 2023, JLo plans to release her 9th studio album titled This Is Me…Now.

According to the Dance Again singer, the album was inspired by all the emotional levels in her love. The inspiration is said to be from husband Ben Affleck. Remember that JLo and Ben Affleck officially went home after a lavish wedding in August 2022.

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