JLo Takes Over as Intimissimi’s Lingerie Ambassador, Following Sarah Jessica Parker’s Reign

On Tuesday, it was announced that Jennifer Lopez had been chosen as the new global ambassador for Intimissimi. The 53-year-old celebrity is expected to aid in growing the brand’s presence in the US market, which was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to Lopez, Intimissimi had Sarah Jessica Parker as one of their prominent representatives.

Intimissimi has recently appointed Jennifer Lopez as their new global ambassador to promote their brand in the United States. With her popularity and influence, the company hopes that Lopez will help overcome the obstacles created by the COVID-19 pandemic that slowed down their progress in the country. The announcement of this exciting partnership was made public on Tuesday.

According to Marcello Veronesi, the group general manager, the pandemic has caused a slight decrease in our expansion over the past two years. However, we are optimistic about next year and are planning to resume spending.

Intimissimi, a brand that specializes in lingerie, sleepwear and other apparel items, is eyeing significant growth opportunities in the United States. According to CEO Sandro Veronesi, the US market is ripe for new entrants following the dominance of Victoria’s Secret. While he acknowledged differences between American and European markets, Veronesi expressed confidence that Intimissimi’s fashionable proposal for American consumers would eventually gain traction. He also noted that the brand needs to better understand the preferences of American consumers and will invest in stores, communication and global expansion to achieve its goals.

Jennifer has acknowledged that her fashion sense has been heavily influenced by her upbringing in New York City. Specifically, growing up in the Bronx exposed her to a style that incorporated masculine elements like Doc Martens and trousers with feminine touches like hoop earrings and bold eyeliner. This combination of toughness and sℯxiness has stuck with her and continues to inform her sense of style today.

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