JLo’s New Bottled Cocktails Are Inspired by the Italian Coast

Think “Jenny from the Block” but on a yacht.

Jennifer Lopez and mixologist Lynnette Marrero
Jennifer Lopez and mixologist Lynnette Marrero. Photo:

House of Delola

It’s time to add cocktails to iconic triple-threat Jennifer Lopez’s list of talents. The singer, dancer, and actress’ bottled cocktail line, Delola, debuted in April and is available across the United States. Inspired by JLo’s summers in Capri and the Italian Coast, Delola channels “Lola,” the artist’s playful alter-ego who embraces spending time in the sun, while still finding balance in all aspects of her professional and personal life. 

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“There’s a mix of Jenny from the block meets ‘girl on a yacht’ here,” Lopez tells Food & Wine. Delola’s initial launch includes three distinct flavors: Bella Berry Spritz features hibiscus, red berries, and vodka, while the Paloma Rose Spritz elevates a classic Paloma with a touch of elderflower. Amaro fans will likely gravitate toward L’Orange spritz, which balances the classic digestif’s bitter notes with sweet orange passion fruit flavors.

Delola bottles

House of Delola

The cocktails were developed in collaboration with veteran mixologist Lynnette Marrero, creator of the all-female bartending competition Speed Rack. “Lynnette and I are kindred spirits,” Lopez explains. “We’re both Nuyorican, and we hit it off right away because we’re both obsessed with our work, too.” Lopez says the duo has already discussed several other flavors for Delola, some of which may be seasonal. 

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While balance and drinkability remained top of mind throughout the development process, Lopez says that aesthetics — the way every bottle of Delola looks on a bar at home or at a restaurant — are also critical. “I didn’t want a tin can or a plastic bottle — we wanted to design this in a high-end way that feels elegant and glam,” she says. Each bottle of Delola is emblazoned with a crest that was inspired by the Bronx crest from Lopez’s childhood home, and embossed with lions and ivy vines. Garnished with a sprig of rosemary or a grapefruit wedge, Delola is, Lopez explains, intended to be simple yet elevated. “Delola is supposed to feel like the hometown girl who goes to the Italian coast and has the best time dancing on tables, and she mixes with folks,” she says, laughing.

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As an avid host and entertainer, Lopez hopes that Delola — which comes in 750 ml and 350 ml bottles — will make every dinner party, birthday celebration, or casual gathering a little bit smoother. “Whenever people come to my house, they’re always mixing drinks, and I thought, ‘Why don’t we create something that makes this easier and [more] delicious?’” She also wants Delola to appeal to a wide swatch of drinkers, not just those who have a cocktail every evening or have a strong preference for tequila or amaro. “I haven’t been a big drinker my whole life. For a long time, I didn’t drink at all,” she says. “I’m very particular, and I wanted [Delola] to be something that’s easy to pour over ice and drink.”

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