Kylie Jenner Shows off Her Curvaceous Backside on the Balcony of her $6 Million Mansion

Kylie Jenner has recently posted two new pictures on her social media account, where she was flaunting one of her best physical features. The 22-year-old cosmetics mogul was standing on the balcony of her $6M mansion in Hidden Hills, California, with her back facing the camera. The mother to daughter Stormi was wearing a $62 black skin-tight Naked Wardrobe jumpsuit while holding onto one of her $20K Hermes Birkin bags.

Take a look at these two new photos shared by Kylie Jenner on social media, where she was flaunting one of her best assets while on the balcony of her $6 million mansion in Hidden Hills, California. Jenner was also wearing a black Chanel top and boots, with her long raven hair styled in soft waves. Her makeup was flawless, which is no surprise considering she needs to promote Kylie Cosmetics as much as possible before the holiday season ends. Recently, she sold 51% of her company to Coty for $600 million. The TV star often does photo shoots at her sprawling 7,000 square foot home, which she purchased back in 2016.

The mother of Stormi was spotted wearing a tight black Naked Wardrobe jumpsuit while holding onto one of her $20K Hermes Birkin bags. On Friday, Kylie posted a photo where she was in a similar outfit. The Forbes cover girl was dressed head to toe in black as she leaned against her pink KYLIE truck. She uses the truck to promote her makeup brand. Earlier this week, she showed off her newly remodeled kitchen.

Last Friday, Kylie shared a picture of herself in a similar outfit leaning against her pink KYLIE truck. The Forbes cover girl used the truck to promote her makeup brand on her show, The Life of Kylie. In the caption, the 22-year-old daughter of Kris Jenner wrote “Ahhhh” and added a heart-eyed emoji. The kitchen surfaces were all redone, with the white cabinets replaced by a dark matte grey color. Additionally, the countertops now have a white-and-grey marble color. The lighting was also different, featuring a black chandelier that looked very modern and non-nonsense. There wasn’t much on the counter, just a potted plant and a canister with kitchen tools.

Kylie Jenner has given her 7,000 square foot mansion in Hidden Hills, California a new look by remodeling her kitchen. The black-and-white space has been transformed into a sleek grey area with beautiful marble countertops.

Last week, she simply captioned the photo “renovations,” but included several crying emojis and heart-eyed faces to express her emotions about her new kitchen.

The previous state of affairs was as follows: Here, the siren is visible in her old kitchen, which had a black-and-white color scheme.

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