“Savoring Tacos in Bed: Selena Gomez’s Chill Moment in a Towel”

Selena Gomez treated her Instagram Story followers to an enticing photo that was both sexy and food-related. The black and white picture showed her enjoying tacos in bed while wearing only a towel. Interestingly, there was no caption or context provided by Gomez, leaving fans to speculate if it’s just a casual snap or a teaser for her upcoming single. Either way, it’s another glimpse into her current life that fans surely appreciate.

Over the weekend, Gomez made headlines with the launch of “illbesinglesoon.com,” a website promoting her latest music. The site’s main feature is an invitation to enter your email address to receive updates from the pop star, alongside the question “Single Soon?” The clever wordplay suggests that Gomez is not only gearing up for a new musical chapter but also hints at her current relationship status. While the site doesn’t offer much information at the moment, it has definitely piqued the interest of fans and media alike.

selena gomez posing in a towel

Gomez has been open about her relationship status on social media, stating that she is currently not in a romantic relationship. A TikTok video that went viral in June featured Gomez playfully attempting to catch the attention of soccer players by shouting out, “I’m single! Although I may require a little extra TLC, I promise to love you deeply.”

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