“Selena Gomez’s Dinner Date in NYC Takes a Turn with Double Wardrobe Mishap in Sheer Little Black Dress”

It’s rare to see her miss a fashion beat, but it seems like The Weeknd had a hard time focusing on his meal when he went out with his girlfriend Selena Gomez in New York on Tuesday. The pop starlet decided to ditch her bra for the evening and wore a semi-sheer black gown that accentuated her curves. Although the dress looked stunning on her, it unfortunately turned translucent under the spotlight causing an unintentional wardrobe malfunction.

Whoops! Selena Gomez made the bold decision to forego a bra while wearing an asymmetrical black gown during a night out with The Weeknd in New York on Tuesday. The tight-fitting dress perfectly accentuated her toned curves and boasted a beautiful glitter-encrusted strap on one side. Unfortunately, the thin material proved to be quite susceptible to the flash of cameras and became transparent in photos. To make matters worse, as she climbed into a waiting car after her dinner date with her beau, the same thing happened. The dress became completely see-through, revealing Selena’s thong-clad posterior for all to see as she exited the venue.

Oops! The sexy singer, who is in her mid-twenties, faced an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction when her outfit turned see-through under the bright lights.

However, Selena definitely stood out in her daring and asymmetrical dress that hugged her curves perfectly. Despite the revealing outfit, she still managed to look put-together and stylish. The dress had a unique high-low hemline and an angled cut that showed off her toned legs. She completed the look by slicking back her brown hair into a high ponytail, emphasizing her almond-shaped eyes with bold eyeliner, and keeping her lips natural with nude lipstick. Selena elongated her legs even further with a pair of stiletto heels, and she looked more in love than ever as she clung onto her partner.

Uh-oh! The delicate fabric was especially vulnerable to the bright flash of the cameras and ended up becoming see-through in the photographs.

Selena’s dress turned completely transparent, revealing her thong-clad behind as she left the venue. In contrast, her companion Abel Tesfaye, also known as The Weeknd, was dressed in warmer clothing consisting of a green jacket, shirt, jeans, trainers, and a baseball cap. It is unlikely that the singer, who had just finished an exhausting concert in the city, wanted any distractions during his meal. According to a recent source from E! News, Selena is deeply in love with Abel.

The Canadian warbler had a difficult time focusing on his delicious steak tartare due to the presence of Selena sitting across from him, proving to be quite the distraction.

The Latina beauty appeared to be in high spirits as she made her way to the restaurant. According to a source from E!, the romance between her and The Weeknd has matured, and she is content with who she is and what brings her happiness. Despite the initial cloud of their relationship being linked to The Weeknd’s past with Bella Hadid, Selena has found love with him, and he loves her in return. Bella and The Weeknd dated for two years before their breakup in November, followed by his public displays of affection with Selena just two months later. Their reunion at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris was awkward, with Bella strutting on the runway in lingerie before he took to the stage for his performance.

Difference in appearance: The artist, known as Abel Tesfaye, was dressed in a much cozier ensemble.

Captivating Gaze: It would have been impossible not to notice her perfectly applied eye makeup as she walked along. Reports suggest that The Weeknd’s ex-girlfriend was unhappy about his new relationship with Selena, despite not being close friends with the brunette beauty. It has even been rumored that she contacted her former flame to let him know that the actress is using him. When photos surfaced in January of Selena kissing and cuddling up to the singer, Bella immediately unfollowed her romantic rival on Instagram and shared a selfie where she was giving the middle finger. On the other hand, Selena was previously linked to pop sensation Justin Bieber for a lengthy period before they officially called it quits three years ago.

Dining outside: Undoubtedly, Abel must have been eagerly anticipating the opportunity to settle down and indulge in his food.

PDA Alert: During the Met Gala event last May, the couple didn’t shy away from showing their affection as they shared a sweet kiss.

Heat up: The woman shared a steamy photo on Snapchat after embracing her significant other.

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