Shakira Chooses Black and White for the Fendi Runway Show in Paris

What a fashionable moment it was at the Fendi runway show in Paris, France, on July 6th! The iconic singer, Shakira, graced the event with her presence, joining fellow stars Camila Cabello and Cardi B. With an upbeat and peppy vibe, Shakira rocked a stunning black-and-white ensemble that stole the spotlight.

For her stylish outfit, Shakira opted for a white strapless ribbed top, exuding both femininity and elegance. Paired with high-waisted black trousers, the fitted pants were given an extra touch of flair with a matching high-waisted pleated skirt. Fastened with a silver side clasp, the skirt added a playful twist to the ensemble.

Accessorizing with flair, Shakira adorned herself with two multi-toned rings and a pair of trendy blackout sunglasses. To complete the look, she carried a chic white leather woven mini handbag featuring gold hardware along the opening and handle. With her honey blond locks styled in soft waves, Shakira looked effortlessly radiant. Her subtle makeup, featuring a nude lip, perfectly complemented her overall appearance.

Stepping into a pair of sleek black shoes, Shakira added an extra dose of sophistication to her ensemble. The heels boasted a slim silhouette that tapered into a pointed toe. Elevating her stature, the booties featured a platform sole and a stunning stiletto heel, reaching an impressive height of about 5 inches.

Shakira’s presence at the Fendi runway show was a delightful display of her vibrant style and friendly charm. She certainly made a memorable statement with her black-and-white fashion moment, leaving a lasting impression on the glamorous event in the heart of Paris.

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