“Sultry Selena: A Peek at Her Latest Tattoo and Beach Getaway”

Selena Gomez proudly revealed a brand new tattoo after coming out of the ocean in Miami on Friday. The 23-year-old’s small ink is located on her upper left thigh and shaped into the sacred Om symbol, which holds great significance in Hinduism. Followers believe it clears the mind of thoughts and distractions when chanted.

Bathing beauty: Selena Gomez unveiled a brand new tattoo when she frolicked in the surf in Miami on Friday

Selena Gomez revealed a new tattoo while playing in the waves in Miami on Friday. The singer showed off her bathing beauty as she splashed around in the surf, displaying her latest ink.

Sacred: The emblem is believed to clear the mind of thoughts and distractions should it be chanted

The emblem known as “Sacred” is believed to have the power to clear the mind of thoughts and distractions if it is altered.

Sun kissed: No doubt the 23-year-old was enjoying every moment of her sun soaked adventure

Sun-kissed: Undoubtedly, the 23-year-old was thoroughly enjoying her adventure filled with soaking up the sun. It’s an interesting tattoo choice for the singer, who was brought up Catholic and has been seen practicing her Christian faith at the Hillsong Church, which was introduced to her by her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber.

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