“Taylor Swift Expresses Adoration for Pal Selena Gomez and Her Latest Track ‘Single Soon’: When your bestie is the bestest”

Taylor Swift expressed her admiration for her close friend Selena Gomez and her latest single, Single Soon. On her Instagram Story, the singer shared a reel featuring clips from the accompanying music video, originally posted by Selena. Taylor wrote that her bestie was the “bestest” and that she would be dancing to the song forever. Selena, in turn, re-shared the post on her own account the next day. The Only Murders in the Building actress released the track last Thursday, along with a vibrant and entertaining music video. Following an overwhelming response from her fans, Selena took to her Instagram Story to express her gratitude and explain the song’s significance.

Best friends: Taylor Swift, 33, had high praise for her best friend, Selena Gomez, 31, and her newly released song, Single Soon. On Saturday, she shared a reel to Instagram comprised of clips from the song's music video that was originally posted by the actress

Taylor Swift, 33, recently expressed her admiration for her best friend Selena Gomez, 31, and her latest release, Single Soon. Taking to Instagram on Saturday, the popstar shared a video reel featuring snippets from the music video of the said song, which had been initially posted by Selena.

Supportive BFF: 'When your bestie is the bestest,' the 12-time Grammy winner had written in her post ¿ which Selena also re-shared to her own account on Sunday. 'Will be dancing to this forever methinks'

Selena Gomez received support from her best friend, Taylor Swift, after the release of her new single “Single Soon.” In an Instagram post, which Selena also shared on her own account, Taylor referred to Selena as her “bestie” and expressed her love for the song. Selena herself thanked her fans for their support and described the song as a “playful anthem” about loving oneself. “Single Soon” is believed to be a teaser for Selena’s upcoming album, tentatively titled SG3, although no further details have been revealed yet. Taylor and Selena have been close friends for over a decade, having met through their respective relationships with the Jonas Brothers in 2008.

Newly released single: Last Thursday, the Only Murders in the Building star dropped her first solo song in years along a wild and fun music video to go with the catchy track

On the last Thursday, the charismatic star of Only Murders in the Building surprised her fans by releasing a fresh and upbeat single after a long hiatus. Accompanying the catchy tune was a fun-filled music video, adding to the entertainment value.

New music: Selena had also previously revealed that the empowering song would serve as a teaser for her forthcoming studio album ¿ which is tentatively titled SG3

Fresh tune: Prior to this, Selena had disclosed that her new empowering track would act as a sneak peek for her upcoming collection of songs, currently referred to as SG3.

Longtime pals: Taylor and Selena have been longtime friends since they met through the Jonas Brothers in 2008

Taylor and Selena are close friends who have known each other for several years now. They first met in 2008 through their mutual association with the Jonas Brothers and have remained good pals ever since.

Back in 2008, the pair kicked off their longstanding friendship when Taylor was dating Joe; seen in September 2008

In the year 2008, the duo initiated their enduring bond of camaraderie when Taylor was romantically involved with Joe, according to the image captured in September of that year.

Around the same time, Selena was romantically linked with Nick; seen in August 2015

During a similar period, there were rumors of Selena being in a romantic relationship with Nick, as they were spotted together in August 2015.

Red carpet appearances: Since then, the duo have attended many red carpets, many award shows, and celebrated a number of birthdays together; seen in February 2016

Walking down the red carpet: After their first appearance, the pair have graced numerous red carpets, participated in several award ceremonies, and commemorated multiple birthdays together. The above image was taken in February 2016.

Taking the stage together: Selena has also made surprise appearances at Taylor's concert tours including Speak Now and Reputation; seen in May 2018

Selena and Taylor have surprised fans with joint performances during Taylor’s Speak Now and Reputation tours, including a May 2018 appearance. Recently, Selena attended Taylor’s concerts in Los Angeles and Arlington, Texas while on her own Eras Tour with sister Gracie. However, Selena found herself in a brief spat with friend Francia Raisa after calling Taylor her only industry friend in a Rolling Stone interview. Francia, who donated a kidney to Selena, was initially upset but Selena clarified that she meant only in the music industry and that Francia remains a good friend in film and television. Fans also speculated about a feud when Francia was not mentioned in Selena’s documentary, My Mind Me, but the two have since worked to mend their friendship.

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