“Unraveling the Mystery of Kim Kardashian’s Hair: Fans Reveal the Untold Story Behind Her ‘Effortless’ Style”

Kim Kardashian is facing backlash from her online followers who are accusing her of being deceitful in a recent social media post showcasing her natural hair. The pictures were shared on the Instagram account of Poosh, which is owned by Kim’s sister Kourtney Kardashian.

Poosh, a brand endorsed by Kim Kardashian, has recently released a set of photos showcasing the reality TV star in a stone staircase, flaunting her natural hair growth while dressed in a snug gray bralette and a cream-colored knit skirt that seamlessly blends with her surroundings. However, skeptics on Reddit and Instagram have speculated that she might be wearing a wig, pointing out the harm caused by her bleached hair. Despite this, Poosh used the pictures to advertise a naturally occurring ingredient that aids hair growth and included a link for interested users to learn more. On the other hand, Kim expressed her excitement about partnering with a Japanese architect on a unique project, describing it as an absolute privilege.

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